Friended Icebreakers

Fill in the blank, copy and then paste into any messages or chats where you need a spark.

New Icebreaker
Not gonna lie, . Don’t you think?

The last lie I told was .

What keeps you from ?

Most people assume I am . What do others assume about you?

Believe it or not, . What’s something that’s surprised you?

My unpopular opinion is . Agree/Disagree?

Is it acceptable ?

My hidden secret talent is . Do you have any hidden talents?

I have always wanted to visit . Where do you want to go?

is #1 on my playlist rn 🎶 Ever heard it?

One thing I'll never do again is . What’s something you would never do again?

I couldn't live a day without . What about you?

I once got kicked out of . Do you have a crazy story?

I dream of someday . What about you?

I'd love to know . What do you think?

is my favorite author. Who’s yours?

Holidays kinda make me want to . How about you?

Remember when was a thing?

Do you think it's possible to ?

In my spare time, I love to . What do you like to do?

My fear is . What are you afraid of?

I know every line to . What do you know by heart?

I live for . What about you?

Have you tried ?

I'm from . What about you?

Dreaming about going to . What's your dream vacation?

True friendship is . Agree or disagree?

I'm most insecure about . What are you insecure about?

The best part of my day is . What’s the best part of your day?

My friends think I should . What do you think?

When I'm stressed, I like to . What’s your way to de-stress?

Never have I ever . What about you?

I feel the most confident . When do you feel most confident?

I could tell you everything about . What are you an expert on?

is my number one pet peeve. What is yours?

Happiness is . What makes you happy?

What does mean to you?

In a perfect world, . What do you think?

I would tomorrow if I could. How about you?

Currently obsessed with . What are you into rn?

The best thing I can cook is . What is your specialty?

blows my mind. What made you go 🤯?

The story of my most interesting scar is: . Your turn.

At family gatherings, I spend most of my time with . How do you feel when you visit family?

I could not care less about . What do you think?

Would you rather ?

The food I could eat every day is . What’s your favorite food?

Tell me about .

I geek out on . What are you nerdy about?

Did you know ?

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